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What else do we offer?

TSPC isn't a one trick pony yall!

In addition to our amazing pour services at events, we offer a variety of services & resources focused on community building, small business enrichment & hospitality standard alignment. Highlighted below are our most successful offerings. 


Industry Consulting 

With over ten years in hospitality and a readiness to level up the hospitality industry in this post Covid reality, TSPC is here to assist your restaurant, bar, lounge, or private club in creating a success strategy with a heavy focus on pivot plans and revenue management. 

Before you call Jon Taffer, call TSPC as a local resource who cares deeply about your success. \

Plus... we yell less! 


Event Planning

Not only do we serve delicious drinks at events, but we love to collab and plan events! In 2021, we successfully planned, coordinated, and executed wedding showcases, local nonprofit fundraisers, block parties, and more. Our way of tackling the stresses of event planning is unique to us and can't be replicated. We're here to help you have the most successful event possible, with as little stress as possible... from start to finish. 


Mixology Classes

At least twice a week we're asked, "How do you know how to mix all those drinks?" Let us show you! Book a mixology class with us to learn some tricks of the trade  and impress your guests at your next event!


Sip n' Shop

Boutiques, Car Dealerships, any and all retail space you can think of... let's collab! What could be better than shopping local and enjoying a professionally crafted cocktail at the same time?

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