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Services & Packages

With a variety of service options & package combinations,

we're able to craft the perfect recipe to make your event one of a kind.

Start by choosing, HOW you want your guests to be served...



The Champagne Cart

Originally from the UK, Olive is one of a kind. Named after Ms. Olive, a family friend & bad*** Brit, this champagne cart is perfect for intimate gatherings, poolside parties, brunch, a night in with the besties... Literally anything!

The L-Shaped Bar

No worries! We have more than one.

Our L-Shaped Bars are part of our fleet of satellite bars, but are so popular, we had to feature them separately.

The popularity of the L-Shaped Bar comes from it's versatility, convenience, and ease of setup. Clients have the option, depending on guest count, to use more than one. We can connect the bars to accommodate larger parties or keep them separate to allow for multiple serving areas. Also, you can easily dress them up or down. So regardless of theme or decor choice, we can make the bar blend in seamlessly.


When we say versatile, we mean it!


Satellite Bar

our satellite bars allow you to celebrate anywhere

We have a fleet satellite bars ready to accommodate any event size and theme. You can also do a daily rental, if you're wanting to spice up the party, but don't need pour service.

In addition to the L-Shaped Bars we have a large, dark stained wood bar, a wood top barrel bar, and a small aluminum bar.

Don't feel 'stuck' with what he have in the warehouse. We have partnerships with various rental companies who are more than happy to help us curate your dream bar setup.

Bartender Only Services

when you have the setup, we provide the man power 

Our Bartenders are experienced, professional & always come ready to empress with their mixology skills. Their primary ambition is to reduce your stresses & have you feeling like a guest at your own event.


Now, choose WHAT you want your guests be served...

Hydration Stations

What's a Hydration Station?

We're so glad you asked.


Hydration Stations include canisterred beverages set up as a self serve station. Cups, ice & straws are provided. Additional garnishes can be provided upon request. This service can be added to any beverage package or requested as a stand alone. 

Choose up to 3 options: Water served with complimentary fruit, Infused Tea, Infused Lemonades, unflavored tea or lemonade

Mocktail Service

We are so much more then just a BAR service. By offering Mocktails, we're able create a special & elevated experience for each guest at your event. I mean, we don't want to exclude anyone from the fun, right?!

Mocktails are perfect for family oriented functions, birthday parties for those under 21 years old, school functions, company picnics, ect. 

We take pride is all of our custom crafted beverages. Even the non-alcoholic ones!

Beer & Wine

Beer & Wine Pour Service is the base for all of our beverage packages, excluding the non-alcoholic ones.

Clients can choose up to 3 beer brands/styles & up to 4 wine brands/styles for pour service.

Signature Cocktails

Adding Signature Cocktails to the Beer & Wine Pour Service is our most popular option. It's a great way to elevate the menu, while keeping the budget reasonable. The best part... Clients can name their signature cocktails. That's so fun!

We'll work together to curate up to 3 cocktails that will not only taste phenomenal, but will look amazing & be crafted with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

Full Bar

When you want guests to have their drink of choice, the Full Bar (aka Open Bar) Pour Service is the way to go. And, let's be honest, everyone loves the option to order their prefer drink.

Together we will create a menu that allows guests the option of crafting their favorite cocktail, without it being overwhelming or breaking the event budget.

Finally, Submit an Inquiry... 


Now that you have an idea of what services & packages interest you, submit an inquiry. We'll reply within 24hrs to schedule a time to chat about your event, talk through your expectations & hammer out the details. 

Click below to submit your inquiry!

We are so excited for the opportunity to be a part of your big event!

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