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Where do you service?

Homebase is Catawba County, NC - 
But we service all of North Carolina, Northern South Carolina & Eastern Tennessee. 

Who handles the alcohol purchasing?

Due to NC licensing laws, we can't buy or sell alcohol. We serve alcohol provided by the event organizer or third party. As part of our service, we include a detailed shopping list for whoever will be purchasing your alcohol and we work with you to budget those expenses. Plus, by not purchasing the alcohol through us, you're able to save money with no mark ups on the product, you have ultimate control over the brands/styles we serve, and it's super fun to put those tiny carts around the ABC store. 

Are you insured?

100% and then some! We carry General Liability and Liquor Liability. And included in our pricing is the option for your venue to be added as an additionally insured on our policy, upon request. 

Where can I put Olive?

The only thing Olive needs is a flat surface and no rain. She can be inside or outside with her top on or off. Weather permitting! 

Do you offer vendor recommendations?

Absolutely! We have a page on our website dedicated to those vendors we've worked with before and trust enough to endorse on a regular basis. If you don't see what you're looking for there, just ask us and we'll guide you to a trusted group. 

Do you have a rain policy?

Due to the nature of the business and how our bookings are paced, we don't offer rain dates. But if weather is a worry, we can always work with the venue or event coordinator to figure out a solution.

Have more questions? Contact us!

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